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Understanding Intuition and Five Steps to Growing Your Intuitive Abilities

We all have experienced those unique moments where we are sitting down watching the TV, and as we are viewing a show, our mind subtly reminds us that we have not spoken to our mom in a few days and that we should call her to check in. Then as we grab our smartphone, and before we can dial, an incoming call from your mom is showing up on your phone.

You answer the phone and your mom begins to tell you that she was just thinking about you and wanted to call you. You tell her the same thing and then you both start to laugh it off as a mere coincidence. But how coincidental is it that you and your mom shared similar thoughts about contacting one another at the same time? Perhaps more is at work than can be explained away by any alleged skeptic. It might be possible that you and your mom were sharing an intuitive moment with one another, and that your connection enabled you to reach for the phone and call each other at the same time.

Having the ability to predict your mom calling you at a certain time may not qualify you as the next “Long Island Medium” or “John Edward.” But understanding that we are all intuitive beings and have the capacity to perceive things beyond the traditional five senses might enhance our lives in meaningful ways that only a few of us have begun to comprehend.

A Brief Primer on Intuition

The word Intuition comes from the Latin verb intueri translated as “consider” or from the late middle English word intuit or “to contemplate.” Eastern Philosophy first attempted to decipher the concept of Intuition thousands of years ago. Intuitive reasoning plays an important role in the tenets of world religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. In Western Philosophy, Plato first tackled the study of human intuition in his book Republic, where he described it as a form of “pre-existing knowledge” residing in the “soul of eternity.” (The information presented in this paragraph was derived from Wikipedia’s entry on “Intuition.”).

As a society, we have struggled with gaining insight into understanding how Human Intuition works within our daily lives, while skeptics seek to dismiss the concept altogether. But ignoring Intuition is like driving with your eyes closed in Rush Hour Traffic during a heavy bout of fog. Just as you would want to be able to see everything around you in heavy traffic, you should consider relying on your Intuition to view and interpret all relevant things in your life from as broad of a perspective as possible.

The Benefits of Becoming More Intuitive

Déjà vu, hunches, the third eye, vibes, and psychic moments all correlate to experiences that many have described as stemming from their Intuition. As an abstract concept, Intuition is very difficult to study quantitatively and reduce to basic observable data through an approach like The Scientific Method.

As an Intuitive Psychic and Spiritual Medium, I have encountered many people who often ask me what they can do to develop their Intuition. I usually respond to such an inquiry by advising that everyone has Intuition within themselves which can be further developed at any time. To grow one’s Intuition, one needs to be patient and approach it the way that a child delves into learning how to ride a bike for the first time. Both processes are similar in that they require a certain degree of patience and understanding.

Just as you would not be able to compete in the Tour de France after learning to ride a bike, so you should not expect to become a Master-Level Intuitive Psychic after meditating for the first time. Becoming more intuitive bestows incredible mental health and physical health benefits, and it can serve to lower stress and increase endorphins throughout the brain.

Using one’s intuition is like learning to steer a ship on the open sea

Using one’s Intuition is like learning to steer a ship on the open sea, and just as you need to navigate a ship through open waters, so you must learn to develop confidence at interpreting information you receive intuitively from others. It is equally important that you can differentiate between intuitive facts and regular facts (or facts that you can observe through one of your five senses). The better you get at being able to differentiate intuitive facts from regular facts, the more inclined you will be to use your Intuition.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The more that you practice your intuitive skills, the better you will get at calling upon your Intuition when needed. Offer to provide intuitive guidance to assist members of your family, close friends, and others. Over time your skill set and confidence will improve and you will be well on your way of better developing your Intuition.

Five Keys to Improving Intuition Over Time

Five Keys to Improving Intuition over time include: Meditation, Keeping a Dream Journal, Recognizing Your Inner Hunches, Maintaining a Balanced and Healthy Diet, and Identifying Feelings of “Fight v. Flight” Associated with Intuitive Experiences. Each of these keys are explained in further depth below:

1. Meditation: The practice of meditation opens-up and aligns your physical and spiritual selves simultaneously. By controlling your breathing and slowing it down, and focusing your mind on specific mental exercises through meditation, you will strengthen your ability to become receptive to Intuition. Meditation acts like a bridge between your conscious and unconscious minds. Since part of your Intuition resides as a part of your unconscious mind, meditation can aid greatly with nourishing your Intuition.

2. Keep A Dream Journal: Maintaining a Dream Journal can aid one in gaining greater insight. Keeping a record of your dreams over time to determine whether any patterns exist within the themes of your dreams can bring you greater inspiration. You may also intuitively learn more about your relationships with others and connect with your deceased loved ones through potential “Visitation Dreams.” Our unconscious mind remains untapped as to the degree of information that it contains, and learning more about our dreams will enable us to decipher the many mysteries locked within our Intuition.

3. Pay Attention to Inner Hunches: Whether you have a nagging feeling that persists longer than usual, or when you feel like your Intuition is signaling for you to pay attention to something, Focus on your Inner Hunches. Respect whatever information your intuition attempts to relay to you. Over time you will learn to recognize whenever your Inner Hunches signal something important.

4. Better Nutrition for Stronger Intuition: You are what you eat, and the more nutritious and balanced your diet, the greater opportunity for improving your Intuition. A low carbohydrate, high protein, lean diet, filled with green leafy vegetables and fruits increases the chance for the development of greater Intuition. Feed your Spirit by nourishing your Body.

5. Recognize Feelings of “Fight v. Flight” Associated with Intuitive Experiences: Your Intuition bears a direct relationship to your physical body. Whenever you have an experience involving increased Intuition, pay close attention to any physiological changes that take place within your body such as having a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, or experiencing an increased heart rate, having adrenaline, or experiencing goose bumps. These subtle cues can alert you to an upcoming Intuitive experiences.

In our Digital Age, when information is readily available at the click of a mouse or by the convenience of your smartphone, we should strive to learn as much as possible about ways to develop and use Intuition within our daily lives. Even though current technology does not provide us with the ability to completely measure Intuition in a quantifiable way, future technological and scientific advances may eventually be able to further evaluate this phenomenon and cause us to shift our paradigms on this topic.

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