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The Greatest Reality Show

Have you ever wondered whether our Loved Ones observe us from the Afterlife? Would you be surprised if we, the living relatives and friends left behind, represented the Greatest Reality Show for our deceased relatives and friends?

As a psychic medium, I have encountered numerous examples where a deceased Loved One has shared specific details concerning the daily routines for each of their relatives remaining behind—the details of which often come up during the reading. Examples of information relayed from a deceased Loved One have included: (1) a specific description of home improvement projects including painting the bathroom, living room, and family room; (2) that a living relative just signed a contract for a new position; (3) that the relative had car issues and just purchased a new car; (4) that the relative talks to their deceased Loved One while driving in the car on the way to work in the mornings as they pass a specific location which reminds them of the Loved One; and (5) that the relative keeps the prayer card from the deceased Loved One’s funeral service in his wallet and pulls it out whenever he feels sad.

Information Commonly Relayed from Deceased Loved Ones During Readings have Included:

1. When we die, a part of us stays connected to our loved ones who remain. The typical theme from the deceased Loved One’s message to the relative concerns reassurance and assisting the relative to understand that the Loved One is still a part of them and will always be with them. The Loved One wants to protect us from feeling sad, depressed, or isolated.

2. Time does not exist on the other side, and since our Loved Ones exist as the purest form of Energy, they can observe each of us without restriction. While they respect our most private moments, their goal is to help us resolve negativity in our lives so that we can live in the best manner possible.

3. Our Loved Ones can hear us when we talk to them and may at times send a message or signal in response. If you find yourself saddened by the loss of your Loved One and a few minutes later you hear a song which coincidentally relates to your memory of them, this coincidence may actually be a response from your Loved One to comfort you. Consider their signal to be a "spiritual message in a bottle" from beyond which represents a blessing.

4. Our Loved Ones have conveyed that when they pass to the other side it is basically a seamless event. They typically describe actual Death like falling asleep on the couch while watching a show on TV. Each deceased Loved One describes Death as a slightly confusing process since it happens so abruptly and without any physical pain whatsoever.

The most difficult aspect of dying for the Loved One is understanding that they crossed over. Their Greeter is a close relative or best friend who has previously died and who assists with orientating them to the Afterlife. Regardless of the type of event that caused their Death (such as an accident, disease or from natural causes), each Loved One relays that they did not experience any form of suffering since the body creates a type of “cocoon” which protects the soul during the transition to the Afterlife.

Just like a Monarch Butterfly emerges from the cocoon, so a deceased Loved One's soul is fully protected until it Transits to the Afterlife.

During one of my readings, a deceased father who was stabbed and died from his wounds appeared during the reading with his son, and communicated that he did not feel any of the stab wounds and that he only recalls being on the ground and then crossing over to the other side. It seems that the natural process of Death shields the Loved One from experiencing any suffering once the transition begins, and that just like breathing, eating, or sleeping the Loved One embarks on the transition without even realizing it until they meet with their Greeter in the Afterlife.

Deceased Loved Ones choose to regularly observe us out of concern and to help us in any way that they can by sending us subtle cues and messages that are intended to inspire, comfort, and guide us. Our Loved Ones remain engaged in our lives and can observe us all at the same time and without limitation. Loved Ones often relay that they regularly observe multiple relatives and friends simultaneously which is possible for them since they exist as the purest form of Energy.

The next time that you feel alone and wish that you could visit with your deceased Loved One, look around and check for the subtlest of cues and signals. Your Loved One may send you a sign to comfort you-which can be one of the greatest gifts to receive.

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