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Adopting A Code of Ethics for Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship Readings

Certain Professions like Medicine, the Practice of Law, Accounting, Psychology and others are regulated by a Professional Body that oversees the actions and ethics of its members. A state board like a Bar Association regulates the Practice of Law and disciplines any Attorneys who deviate from acceptable modes of conduct. Ethics are at the root of any field which wishes to promote core values and beliefs to the public, and they concern the principles and values that an individual should use to self-govern his or her personal activities and decisions. (Part of this information was taken from the Article entitled “The Importance of Ethics in Organizations-Authored by Luzanne Kelchner which can be found at http://smallbusiness.chron.com/importance-ethics-organizations-20925.html). While Kelchner’s article discussed ethics within the field of business and business organizations, the information contained within this post concerning ethics is very helpful.

By adopting a Code of Ethics, a Practitioner commits to a philosophy to conduct their business in a serious manner by upholding the highest level of ideals and professionalism in their specialty and which can promote their reputation, productivity, and affect the bottom line of their business. See Kelchner Article as Cited Above. Accountability is at the heart of any field that seeks adequate recognition among members of society. A Code of Ethics can improve morale and loyalty to members of the profession it regulates. The “New Age Movement” has sought recognition and further legitimacy within society, yet a Uniform Code of Ethics regulating psychics and mediums has failed to materialize. A comprehensive set of Ethics can increase one’s standing among others and foster integrity and enhance the overall quality of one’s services and products to others.

In the realm of Psychics, ethical behavior connotes doing the right thing for your clients and carrying yourself in a manner that exudes the greatest level of fairness and reasonableness. For example, ensuring that you charge a fair rate, commit to maintaining confidentiality always for anyone who consults with you; and understanding your limitations as an intuitive during any reading can go far towards improving acceptance and understanding among others as to your Spiritual and Intuitive Practice.

A review of some information promoting a General Code of Ethics for Psychics and Mediums provides several core concepts that could be adopted uniformly in the future. Utilizing one’s psychic abilities in a manner that aids and assists anyone seeking a reading promotes the concept that while you wish to be compensated for your services, you commit to delivering a service for others that achieves a balance between your interests and those you work with. By upholding basic core values within your practice, you are sending a strong message to any potential client that you wish to protect their interests and that you will to develop a relationship with them built on trust. (Part of this information was taken from http://thegobetween.wordpress.com/2015/01/25/what-are-spiritual-and-psychic-ethics/amp/ which was written by Melissa Leath in her Article “The Go Between: Psychics, Mediums, and Integrity.”) .

From reviewing this article, I was impressed by Leath’s promise to: (1) always serve the best interests of her clients, and conduct her professional activities without intentionally causing harm. (2) Treat all her clients with respect, regardless of origin, race, religion, gender, age, or sexual preference. (3) Honestly present her qualifications, including educational credentials, and levels of certification. (4) Keep confidential the names of clients, and information shared or discussed surrounding the reading. (5) Recommend consultation with a licensed professional for advice of a legal, financial, medical or psychological nature she is not qualified to provide. and (6) Respect her client’s right to end their reading at any time. See Leath’s Article “The Go Between: Psychics, Mediums, and Integrity,” as Cited Above.

Psychics tend to promote concepts in their readings such as achieving a greater understanding of “The Universe,” helping others through “Mentorship,” Overcoming the Constraints of Negativity by Regularly Practicing and Adopting “Positive Affirmations,” Achieving “Spiritual Abundance,” “Striving to Become Your Higher Self,” and Cherishing “Spiritual Attainment.” I value the principles offered by Coryelle Kramer’s “Code of Ethics for Psychics & Light Workers” which can be found at www.coryellekramer.com. In her Code of Ethics, Kramer identifies core values such as: (1) Desiring to help all living species understand and communicate with one another and with the Universe, (2) Honor those that seek help. (3) Commit to a lifetime path of spiritual growth to minimize any personal unfulfilled emotions, desires, etc. (4) Cultivate the knowledge and understanding of psychic awareness through furthering our education, (5) Commit to reading only those who ask us to read them. (6) Maintain Confidentiality Always, (7) Acknowledge Your Limitations, seek help from other professionals when necessary; and (8) Remember that all souls live as one…connecting to the Universe and to Spirit and this connection is sacred. See Kramer’s Article as Cited Above.

Another great site to visit on the topic of Professionalism as it relates to Psychics and Mediumship relates to information provided by Amanda Linette Meder which can be found at www.amandalinettemeder.com. Meder’s Blog contains a plethora of valuable and insightful articles covering a broad range of impressive topics including her own “Professional Code of Ethics (for Psychics, Healers, Shamans, Teachers, and Mediums).” See Meder’s Code of Ethics as Cited Above. Meder adapted her Code from professional conduct codes presented by the World Medical Association and the American Psychological Association. The Core Values espoused by Meder’s Code of Ethics include the following concepts: (1) Providing Personal Consultation only with those who are 18 and over; (2) Keeping Confidentiality as to any information shared within the client-practitioner sphere. (3) Respect the Rights and Preferences of her Clients, Students, and Spiritual Colleagues including a person’s right to refuse or accept help on their own terms; (4) “Do No Harm” to Others by aspiring to use her gifts to Serve the Highest and Greatest Good; (5) Withhold Judgment and Show Complete Loyalty to Her Clients and Colleagues; (6) Promote Collegiality with One’s Colleagues by showing professionalism towards them; (7) Strive to Provide Resources to Others and Volunteer 100 Hours Per Year; (8) Certify that any shared works are originals and when they are not, Commit to appropriately credit and cite topics and ideas from Others; and (9) Agree to Provide Services that she believes truly helps the client, student, or colleague at their highest level, and when any issue exceeds her expertise, refer the client to a trust network of professionals. See Meder’s Code of Ethics as cited above.

While no formal Code of Ethics has been uniformly adopted by all psychics and mediums, several associations and organizations have adopted an informal Code for its members to recognize and practice in their daily activities. However, the informal codes promoted by these Organizations have no true regulating authority beyond their membership. In the United States and other countries, society has established basic laws that protect the public against acts of fraud or deceit which are enforced by local law enforcement and each State’s Office of the Attorney General. These laws and regulations can vary from state to state. Whether a particular city, county, or State should establish a governing body that regulates psychics and mediums practicing within its jurisdiction presents some interesting considerations which exceed the scope of this post.

A Professional Code of Ethics provides true value to the client who seeks your guidance and understanding. Adopting core ethics conveys to others that you take your role as a Psychic and Medium seriously and that you wish to promote the highest ideals of professionalism in each of your dealings. The best way to legitimize the practice of intuitive guidance and mediumship relates to following and implementing each of the Core Values stated within the Code of Ethics presented above. Committing to these core concepts will ensure that your practice and reputation flourishes among members of your local community and safeguards your ability to gain respect and trust from your clientele.

A “Do No Harm” Paradigm will guarantee a loyal base of clients to work with and generate one’s ability to truly enjoy their dealings with those who seek their guidance. I appreciate the offerings of fellow colleagues like Kelchner, Leath, Kramer, and Meder who promote the importance of Ethics within one’s services to the local public. Positive reviews, the gift of repeat business from your clients, and referrals to new clients will directly follow from any practitioner who implements Ethics within his or her Psychic Practice.

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