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About Jason

Jason M. Ciofalo d/b/a Jason Zuk is an Intuitive Psychic Medium residing in Tampa, Florida.  Jason adopted the pseudonym "Jason Zuk" in honor of his grandfather whose death inspired him on his spiritual path.   When Jason's grandfather passed away in August 2004, he developed his intuitive abilities and realized that he possesses the ability to communicate with the other side.  Since that time, Jason has read for hundreds of people and he has learned that our deceased loved ones tend to remain with us after they cross over to the other side.

Common themes to death include the following:

  1. Time does not exist on the other side.

  2. Death itself represents a peaceful process wherein the body creates a protective energy "cocoon" around the soul which safeguards the soul on its journey to the spiritual realm.

  3. Most people do not realize that they have passed on, until a close relative of theirs who has predeceased them greets them on the other side for the first time.

  4. Death has been described by those who experience it as equal to when "one falls asleep on the couch while watching television."

  5. Our Loved Ones can communicate with us and send us subtle messages and cues in our everyday lives.

  6. Visitation Dreams represent a significant opportunity to interact with our Loved Ones while we are asleep.

  7. Our Loved Ones can observe us and understand our daily activities and they will often refer to this information when they  communicate with their "living" relatives during a session.

Jason looks forward to working with you!

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