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Interpreting Signs From Our Deceased Loved Ones

Death remains a mystery and many in society fear that which is unknown. Religion has approached the topic of death with its own messages of redemption and the life eternal. Across various cultures, different paradigms exist as to what Death means to members of a given society. Most cultures believe that when we die, our inner soul leaves the body and travels to some place associated with the Afterlife. Christian traditions depict the Afterlife as being divided into a Heaven and Hell where our maker rules supreme over the souls of Heaven, and where those have committed mortal sins remain in a fiery underworld. Traditional Judaism believes that Death is not the end of your existence, and while the Jewish faith does not have much dogma about the Afterlife, it leaves a great deal of room for personal opinion. (The information relating to the view of Death from the Traditional Judaism was taken from a post written by Rabbi Chaim Bender which can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/thejudeochristiantradition/the-tradition-of-judaism-1/_draft_post-2https://sites.google.com/site/thejudeochristiantradition/the-tradition-of-judaism-1/_draft_post-2).

I was raised in the Christian Faith as a Catholic and with this blog I do not wish to challenge any of our traditional notions of the Afterlife as represented by the World’s greatest religions and/or philosophies. Instead, in this post I wanted to share a personal story with you associated with my own experience relating to Signs and Messages that I received from my Grandfather who died on August 12, 2004. My grandfather passed at the age of 83 from a major stroke. Before he died, he would tell my family that any time we find a Penny that it represents “Pennies from Heaven” and that we should think of him being with us. My grandfather was a part of the Greatest Generation that fought in World War II and sacrificed their lives so that we would have better opportunities ahead. I'm sure that Frank Sinatra was one of my grandfather's favorite performers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa-YV_ZjEzY. My grandfather assisted with raising me as I grew up in a single-parent family with my mom and brother, and he was my "father" for all rights and purposes.

Shortly after his passing, I did start to receive what I interpret as Messages and Signs from my grandfather in the form of various “Pennies from Heaven.” I would find pennies in my bedroom, in the closets, at the base of the steps at my house, on the ground at the driver’s side door of my car, and in various other random locations. One time in August 2007, while I was traveling from the airport in New Orleans to travel back to Mississippi as I was crossing the twin span bridge from Louisiana into Mississippi, I received one of the most profound signs as of yet.

My grandmother and mother had just called to inform me that they were in a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey and that they had found three pennies within the same morning and that they felt like my grandfather was with them. As we spoke, I had the opportunity to look across to the other bridge as we were discussing my grandfather, I saw a large print on the side of an eighteen-wheeler truck which had the inscription “Pennies from Heaven” with a giant penny on the side of the truck which appeared as larger than life. I never expected to receive such a strong message and in such a synchronized fashion as what occurred to me on the bridge in Louisiana. However, these signs would continue.

When I passed the bar exam for Mississippi, I was required to get sworn in as an Attorney in front of the Clerk of the Supreme Court in Jackson, Mississippi. I drove to attend the swearing-in ceremony by myself since my family lived in New Jersey at the time. When I concluded the ceremony, and returned to my car I found three pennies on top of each other in a small stack right by the driver's side door to my car. I picked up the pennies and immediately had goose bumps and felt that my grandfather was relaying to me that he was immensely proud of being sworn-in as a lawyer in Mississippi. This experience was very dear and special to me then, and it will always remain a special experience long into the future.

One of the most significant experiences occurred at around 10:00 p.m. on October 17, 2008, two hours before my birthday on that year. My grandmother had passed a year earlier and I had just moved into my first place in Tampa in April 2008. I was still traveling to Mississippi for work regularly but was able to visit my home in Tampa for my birthday. This was the first birthday that I realized that I would not receive a birthday greeting from my grandparents, since they had both passed and I was sad thinking that I would never receive a birthday card from my grandparents, or be able to visit with them, or talk to them on the phone. As I attempted to go to bed at approximately 10:00 p.m., I was overwhelmed by a strong sense of sadness and despair relating to the grief that my grandparents were both deceased. I felt very alone and decided to fall asleep.

During my sleep, I encountered a very unique dream which matches the term of what I believe to be a “Visitation Dream” with my grandfather. In my dream, I heard his deep bellowing voice say to me, “Son, I don’t care what time it is when you get up, please promise me that you will go in your closet and clean it up for me.” He added, “I love you son and Happy Birthday.” I woke up and it was 2:00 a.m. on my birthday. I got up and looked at the ceiling in my bedroom and said “Grandpa, you really want me to go into the closet this late and organize it?” I felt a resounding “Yes” as I got up and felt that I was being drawn into my closet.

So I entered my walk-in closet which was full of several boxes still from my move from a few months earlier. I started to take the boxes and place them out of my closet one at a time. I then felt that I was being guided by my grandfather through my closet to a chest that I owned from college. It is the type of trunk that you would buy at Walmart and use for storing things. This trunk had a padlock on it which I unlocked. I then looked up to the ceiling and asked my grandfather, “Do you really want me to look in here?” I once again felt that he was responding with a “Yes” to my question, and I reached with my hand into the top of the trunk and pulled out an envelope which was stuck in its lid. When I pulled out the envelope I found a card which I realized was a birthday card that my grandparents had sent to me five years earlier in 2003 when they were both still alive.

"I know I got angels watchin me from the other side." Kanye West

I took the card and returned to my bed and proceeded to cry. I wept with tears of joy as I realized that my grandfather had listened to my sadness regarding my birthday and managed to interject himself into my dream and proceed to guide me to a birthday card that they sent me when he was still alive. It was the last card that they sent together before his Death, and my perspective about Death and one’s ability to receive messages from our Loved Ones was shaped and has evolved over time due to these personal experiences with receiving these messages from my grandfather.

My intuitive abilities grew significantly between August 2004 and the present day. I share this information with you to confirm that messages and signals are possible from the other side. I cherish this card as my own personal concrete example that special messages from beyond occur. I’m sure that the typical skeptic will approach the information contained in this blog as circumstantial and attempt to disprove what I experienced as significant and special.

Messages and signs can take the form of a song on the radio that reminds you of your deceased Loved One following their Death, or a certain animal or bird visiting you when you think of your Loved One. A certain scent like your Loved One's favorite cologne or perfume fragrance or the smell of cigar smoke can also occur. I strongly believe that we can receive messages and signals from our deceased Loved Ones regularly, and that we just have to be open enough to receive these messages when they are provided.

“Visitation Dreams” offer a direct opportunity for our Loved Ones to communicate with us while we sleep as the veil between Life and the Afterlife is paper-thin. In addition, the unconscious mind may serve as a gateway for our Loved Ones to visit us and/or provide reassurance to us in our Life following their Death. As a psychic medium, I do not believe that Death is as final as some would think and that we are capable of communicating with our Loved Ones due to the bonds of Love that are created with them. Love is a form of energy that keeps us connected to our relatives and deceased friends, for energy is the one thing that is constant in our Universe and which can link us to the Afterlife.

So the next time that you are saddened by the thought that your Mother or Best Friend passed away and that you won’t be able to ever hear their voice or communicate with them due to their Death. Think again--Dream again. Keep your mind and heart open and allow yourself to receive messages from your Loved Ones as it is very likely that you will receive some type of signal or message from Beyond—be it a bird, a coin or penny, a song on the radio, or a holiday show from the past which reminds you of your Loved One. These messages exist. You just have to be willing to receive them.

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