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We Were Nominated as a Top International Justice Podcast by Pretty Progressive

I am so grateful to the website, PrettyProgressive.com for this high honor and distinction. Their article can be found at https://prettyprogressive.com/20-best-podcasts-about-international-justice-of-2021/. Definitely check this post out and support their website! PrettyProgressive.com seeks to provide a fair platform for "everyone no matter what race, religion, or creed." I wholeheartedly agree and support Pretty Progressive on their mission to advance the notion that ideas and societal reforms can be implemented NOW as we are at a crossroads in our shared history!

I am an Attorney, an Intuitive Psychic Medium, and the host of the Podcast, “The Social Psychic Radio Show.” Our podcast focuses on topics surrounding Social Justice and Equality, Environmental Justice, Spirituality, The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, and various healing modalities like meditation and energy healing. When George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin and his accomplices on May 25, 2020, I believe that it created an epic shift in our collective spirit where we must look within ourselves and determine things like "who do we VALUE, LOVE, and RESPECT?" "Can we take action to prevent police brutality in our society and effectuate lasting change?" "Is it possible to eradicate hate, violence, and oppression and permanently eradicate the roots of racism?"

As an intuitive psychic medium, I have learned to follow special advice and "nudges" from my spirit guides and guardian angels. Specifically, right after Floyd's death, I was guided to attend several peaceful protests in support of Black Lives Matter. After attending five rallies and marches, I thought to myself "What can I do to support BLM beyond just showing up to peacefully protest?" Then my spirit guides advised me to use my platform and expand it as a mouthpiece to highlight topics involving social justice, police brutality, environmental justice, and supporting important notable causes like BLM and others.

Since last year, I have desired Special Guests who would be willing to delve into these issues in depth so that members of our audience may expand their perspectives and possibly experience a true paradigm shift like no other! To date, I have been able to provide the following programming around this goal which you can find at the following links: (1) “Episode where Jason and Dr. Anthony Weems Discuss Systemic Racism in the NFL.”Shortlink: http://tobtr.com/11801061

(2) Dr. Ginger Charles, a Retired Police Sergeant, discusses her book, "Police Pursuit of the Common Good: Reforming and Restoring the Police Community." Shortlink: http://tobtr.com/11754864, (3) Emadi Okwuosa, a Civil Rights Activist and a Leader of The Protests in Tampa Bay, (Shortlink: http://tobtr.com/11755612;) and (4) The Covering Foundation Discusses LGBTQ+ Rights and More (Shortlink: http://tobtr.com/11928465). While I am so grateful to the audience for its support, I desire to do a lot more to provide programming on these important topics and issues!



I would like to take this unique opportunity to ask members of the general public and/or my audience to support our show with its efforts at finding amazing Special Guests who share the desire to speak about social justice, environmental reform, LGBTQ rights, and many other important topics surrounding the promotion of real progress in our society! Please share this post with anyone who you believe might be interested in appearing on the show as a Change-Maker, Influencer, Activist, Leader, or Concerned Citizen. Anyone interested in possibly collaborating with me about this type of opportunity can contact me directly via e-mail at info@dsocialpsychicradio.com.

Even though we are living in unsettling times, I am very optimistic about the future! I feel that we are capable of change and growth as a society. I deeply appreciate the work of platforms like PrettyProgressive.com in furthering these efforts!

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