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DOJ Report On Psychics in Law Enforcement Shows Promise for Intuitive Guidance in Investigations

This is an interesting Report concerning DOJ's Use of Psychics in Law Enforcement Approved for Release on 8/7/00. The Report asks whether (1) Psychics successfully aided investigators in cases? and (2) What should an investigator expect if he or she chooses to involve a psychic in a case? It was determined that some psychics have aided investigators with valuable information in some cases.

Eleven Police Agencies stated to DOJ that they used psychics in cases with some success. While there is no established criteria to select a psychic by law enforcement, the Report encourages investigators to use personal recommendations for those who have successfully used a psychic from third parties like universities or private research foundations who have conducted tests in psychic ability. A key attribute for evaluating a psychic candidate is whether he or she is altruistic in their intentions as to participating in any potential investigation, and investigators are encouraged to be objective when working with a psychic.

The Report added that use of a psychic in an investigation does not "replace sound investigative techniques but functions as an investigative tool." (Report at pg. 3). Since Courts do not recognize psychic testimony, law enforcement will be required to reconstruct a case using established police procedures before presentation in Court.

The Study concluded that a talented psychic can assist law enforcement by (1) locating a geographic area of a missing person; (2) narrow the number of leads to be concentrated on; (3) highlight information that has been overlooked; and (4) provide information previously unknown to the investigator.

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